Energy saving halogen lamp features

2019-10-26 15:03:55 318

Halogen lamps are generally shaped like a tiny quartz glass tube. Compared with incandescent lamps, their particularity lies in the fact that tungsten filament can "regenerate itself". Filament can do relatively small, the lamp body is also very cabinet. Halogen lamps are generally used where concentrated light is required.

Halogen lamps are filaments and glass shells filled with halogen elements such as iodine and bromine. As the filament heats up, the tungsten atoms evaporate and move toward the wall of the tube. As they approach the tube, the tungsten vapor is "cooled" to about 800 ° c and combines with the halogen atoms to form tungsten halide (tungsten iodide, tungsten bromide). The tungsten halide moves toward the center of the glass tube and lands on the corroded filament. Because tungsten halide is unstable, when heated it breaks down into halogen vapor and tungsten, which then deposits on the filament to make up for the evaporation. With this cycle, the life of the filament will be greatly extended.

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