Advantages of led lights

2019-10-26 14:47:30 323

The advantage of led lamp is the low-voltage power supply. In terms of physics, low-voltage power supply is safer than high-voltage power supply. In the process of use, the voltage of a single bulb is between 2V and 4V.

2 is efficient energy saving, presumably this is also known to all, because the led light source itself has the effect of energy saving, so the led light emitted more energy saving than ordinary incandescent lamp, but also can help you save a lot of electricity it. In addition to the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, the other advantage of led lamps is the color. The color of led lamps is relatively pure, soft and warm, without any color, and the color is also extremely diverse, in line with the needs of various decorative styles.

3. The materials of seismic resistant led lamps are harder than the price, and the light source used is in solid state. Therefore, led lamps will not appear strobe during the earthquake. This is small make up the advantages of the third led lights, whether you agree or disagree, led lights are seismic performance is also a fact. In addition, the service life of the led lamp is also relatively long. If there is no problem in the process of use, there is generally no problem for about ten years.

4 environmental protection led lamp emitting light is soft and not dazzling, in the light of the light does not contain radiation, does not contain ultraviolet ray, infrared ray lamp, and ordinary incandescent lamp has ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, will make people's eyes produce fatigue, bring unhealthy factors to the body. This is the advantage of led lights.

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