Energy-saving lamp has the following several aspects of defects

Energy-saving lamp has the following several aspects of defects

2019-10-26 14:38:51 1608

At the Copenhagen summit, premier wen made a solemn commitment to the world to "effectively realize energy conservation, emission reduction and promote low-carbon economic development". This is not only in line with the needs of social development, but also a commitment to benefit the country and the people.

While committed to rapid economic development and improving people's living standards, China, like the international community, is paying close attention to global climate change. Current and future development trend of lighting technology and products lies in energy saving and environmental protection, effectively reducing carbon emissions. In order to overcome the market barriers in the promotion of efficient lighting products, the NDRC and the Ministry of Finance provided financial subsidies (the government provided 50% subsidies for ordinary people to buy energy-saving lamps; Organized and implemented the three-year "high efficiency lighting product promotion project" from 2008.

During the implementation of the whole project, we found that the energy-saving lamps sold through the subsidy policy had the following defects:

1. Unstable product quality;

2. Product appearance is single and not beautiful;

3. The product is not suitable for supporting with other lamps and lanterns;

4. Poor color rendering of the product;

5. Fluorescent powder and electronic interference of the product affect human health;

6. Lack of supervision in this respect leads to market chaos;

Our scientific research team has been committed to the product improvement and upgrading, committed to cooperate with the good "premier wen made a solemn commitment to the world at the Copenhagen summit and meet the needs of different levels of consumers" -- when the advent of fuxing company's independent intellectual property rights decorative energy-saving lamps announced the end of this era! Our "decorative energy-saving lamp" with a unique shape, noble quality to solve the above products generally exist defects!


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