Smart real estate solutions

2019-10-26 15:20:07 320

Real estate promotion video

Real estate promotion video also known as real estate animation film, according to the market positioning of the project, mining customer purchase psychology, the use of virtual reality technology, through multi-media interactive display, intuitive and realistic to show the perfect scene after the completion of the project.

Its main characteristics are: direct targeting consumer groups; Highlight brand value; The content is rich and detailed.

Digital sand table

The multimedia inquiry system with the core of audio and video interaction integrates the animation, video, 3d panorama, image, music, text and other digital resources into an interactive whole, and realizes the multimedia display and interaction functions through the touch all-in-one machine.

The form novel technique novel, the information transmission comprehensive, displays the effect vivid lifelike.

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, visitors load.

Powerful touch query, multi-level browsing query, voice navigation and other functions.

Technology advanced use of high-tech display means, with interactive functions.


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